"YouthSpeak" Forum: Info Day

March 15th, 2016

"YouthSpeak" Forum: Info Day

YEN organized an Info Day regarding the biggest youth platform around the world “Youth Speak”. It was inspiring to see that Albanian youth is engaged in such worldwide movement which aims to gather youth, organizations, companies and thought leaders together to discuss and generate actionable steps around the pressing issues that Albania faces.

We were happy to see that Organizing Committee of “YouthSpeak” even though young in age, were so passionate and devoted to really believe in youth spirit and ready to take action to make a change.

Very worthy for EPOKA Students to be faced with the opportunity to feel themselves world citizens and to be presented with a platform where their voices can really be heard. We as YEN believe that EPOKA Students have the capacity and creative ideas to contribute in the solution of the issue "Evolving education to meet the needs of students and employers" which will be discussed in 2 days event of “YouthSpeak” on 25-26 March in Tirana.

Let us show ourselves, and why not with a winning project, which later on will be implemented.

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