Elvira Meti, Epoka Graduate, Now Studying at Charles University

November 16th, 2017

Elvira Meti, Epoka Graduate, Now Studying at Charles University

Elvira Meti, Epoka Graduate, Now Studying at Charles University

Elvira Meti, Epoka Graduate, Now Studying at Charles University

Elvira Meti graduated from the Economics Department of Epoka University in 2017 and is now pursuing the Master in Economics and Finance (MEF) degree program at Charles University in Prague. Elvira graciously shared some insights into her studies and her advice to prospective and current students at Epoka University.

In commenting on her new endeavor, Elvira shared about the value of the MEF program at Charles University:

I feel very privileged to having been admitted among many applicants, as well as having the opportunity to enrich my academic knowledge in Economics and Finance. Charles University is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1348 and it is ranked as the 1st University in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, in the 2018 U.S News ranking of Best Global Universities, Charles University ranks 109th among other ranked universities worldwide in Economics and Business. This fact is a further incentive for my studies and it greatly motivates me to know that I am studying in one of the best Economics and Finance programs in the world.

Elvira additionally noted the value of the program, yet the hard work it requires:

At the Institute of Economic Studies, we have the opportunity be taught by professionals from the Czech Central Bank, commercial banks and business analysts. Furthermore, it is truly a unique experience to study in an international environment.

This Master's degree puts emphasis on developing abstract analytical reasoning, which equips us with the knowledge to solve complex economic problems in various settings. I perceive this opportunity to be very beneficial for my prospective career and academic life. On the other hand, I am facing many challenges since this program requires extreme effort. However, I am certain that with determination, hard work and a positive attitude these challenges will contribute to my personal growth and eventually I will overcome them.

In sharing about her experiences at Epoka, Elvira found it to have contributed to her admission into the MEF program: “Pursuing an Economics Bachelor at Epoka University equipped me with the necessary analytical skills which gave me a great head start for my further Master studies.” Furthermore, during her studies at Epoka, Elvira also completed an internship at the General Directory of Taxation in Shkodër, Albania, and an internship at the Alumni Office at Epoka University.

Elvira offered her advice to current students at Epoka: “I would greatly encourage every student, especially the prospective 2018 graduates, to go consider studying abroad.” She further encouraged students to work hard, persevere, and make the most of opportunities at Epoka:

My piece of advice to every student is that they should embrace self-discovery through the process of education with perseverance since this journey is not easy, but it surely is worthwhile. To all the prospective 2018 graduates, I would recommend that they engage in curricular and extracurricular activities organized by Epoka University.

The Economics Department at Epoka University is grateful to Elvira for sharing news her achievements with current and prospective students and for the inspiration she is to us. We wish her the best of success in her ongoing studies and career.