Department Chair Welcome Speech

June 1st, 2012

Department Chair Welcome Speech

Department Chair Welcome Speech

Dear prospective students,

We welcome you on behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the department of Economics at Epoka University. Established in 2008, the department is engaged in equipping undergraduate students with critical thinking and preparing them to face public debates in interdisciplinary fields of study.  We are highly committed to prepare leading students equipped with skills and abilities to overcome the challenges of the “21st Century” and meet societies’ needs.

Our graduate students are guided to deepen in the research, to absorb modern theoretical and quantitative methods to be applied in their future career. We as department care about our students from their first day at Epoka University till they employ in the labor market.

Lastly, we invite all the students interested in economics to be part of our department sharing together the leading and supporting spirit.


Assoc. Prof. Dr Eglantina Hysa

Department of Economics Chair